Cooling and Heating Maintenance Guidelines

The general maintenance of heating and cooling systems is technically a trouble-free endeavor. Routine maintenance is necessary to ensure the seamless operation of the equipment, whereas overlooking this step leads to a plethora of issues that would cost property owners a lot of money. Cooling and heating maintenance is best achieved with the help of the professionals.

While hiring handymen with all their tools seems to be a plausible option for the regular maintenance required by these units, it pays to have real professionals to handle the job. The services of handymen will still prove to be useful though, as they have the basic knowledge of these systems and they would know if there’s a problem brewing. Consult with them mostly for diagnostics but cooling and heating repairs should be carried out by HVAC experts.

Some of the tell-tale signs that your heating and cooling system may need professional checking are the following:

1. Low or erratic power source

This is usually caused by tripped circuit breakers and blown fuses. Inspect the main entrance panel to be sure. For furnaces, make sure that your unit doesn’t have a separate power entrance or if the fuses are mounted on the unit itself.

2. Failure to start

Faulty HVAC systems may be difficult to start due to a lot of reasons. Look for a reset button in the unit, which is usually located near the motor housing. There’s a lead time for the motor to cool and startup, so be sure that you wait at least 30 minutes before doing anything. If it still doesn’t work, then it might be time to call expert heating maintenance.

3. Faulty thermostat

For air conditioning systems, faulty thermostats are the most common problem if the unit fails to work properly. See if it is properly set. Raise or lower the controls as necessary, and see if there’s any change in temperature.

4. Insufficient fuel supply

Heaters are powered by fuel in order to run. Gas, liquids, and sometimes solid fuels are required in adequate amounts, otherwise the system won’t function. Some models also use oil to fire up the unit. Always check the fuel and oil levels whenever you do a maintenance check on your heating systems.

5. Strange sounds from the unit

To preven this, summon the experts once a month. It’s easy to miss a problem if you are untrained with how HVAC systems work, whether its your AC Anaheim or heating you would need a professional eye for check-up. Property owners would greatly benefit from the regular visits of the experts that provide cooling and heating maintenance in Concord. They would know if your unit is in tip-top condition or if it needs some minor parts changed to ensure its long and seamless operation. Always consider the suggestions of the professionals.

With adequate maintenance, costly cooling and heating repairs are prevented. Changing to high-efficiency pleated air filters and replacing them every 90 days can go a long way. Do the same with the furnace humidifier filters and you shouldn’t have an issue with these units at all.